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At the age of 21, Rebecca Ford New Canaan, a native of New Canaan, Connecticut, became the first young female fashion entrepreneur to score a full-page cover of the Montreal Gazette's business section. Sensuality and exuberant youth were integrated into her high-end designs for young ladies when she launched her apparel brand of premium luxury denim called Luscious. Since 1994, Ford has grown along with her audience, branching out into new shapes and materials while firmly establishing herself in the Montreal art and music scene. The main boutique-based brand for young women in Canada at the time, Luscious, with its edgy, outspoken, and fun range, sprang from this niche. Her clothing business blossomed in stores in Denmark, England, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Japan, and the US, extending her reach well beyond the North American continent. She is originally from Canada and had previously lived abroad as a youngster in India and Germany. Her ability to stay on trend led to the creation of chic, it-girl fashion, exquisitely designed apparel, and internationally best-selling books.

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September 19, 2023

What is The Master Principle of Landscape Design?

Landscape design, a blend of art and science, transforms outdoor spaces into captivating environments that soothe the soul and engage the senses. Within this intricate realm lies a guiding principle, often considered the linchpin of successful landscape design: the harmony of nature and human creativity. This master principle serves as the compass, directing the creation […]

Earth's Silent Climate Warriors: Native Plants and the Battle
September 6, 2023

Earth’s Silent Climate Warriors: Native Plants and the Battle Against Global Warming

As humanity grapples with the ever-accelerating climate crisis, our collective focus often centers on groundbreaking technologies and international agreements. Yet, in our quest for solutions, we frequently overlook the silent, steadfast allies already provided by the natural world: native plants. Native plants play a pivotal and underappreciated role in mitigating climate change. This article will […]

March 13, 2023

How Do I Create a Landscape Plan?

A well-designed landscape plan unifies the elements of plants, hardscapes, and other decorations that decorate your property. To design your landscape, you first need to know your land and your family’s requirements. After you determine these things, you can start sketching out your ideas. Use graph paper with grids on a 1/8-inch scale to represent […]

February 7, 2023

What is an Environmental Landscape?

An environmental landscape is a dynamic space that includes the physical environment, people’s perception and appreciation of that environment, and the social and cultural associations that are linked to the environment. Landscape approaches seek to manage multiple land uses at a landscape scale to address various socio-economic, environmental, and climate change issues, including food security, […]

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