About Me

Rebecca Ford, a native of New Canaan, Connecticut, first encountered success at age 21 when, as a young female fashion entrepreneur, she scored a full-page cover of the business section of the Montreal Gazette. Infusing sensuality and youthful exuberance into her high-end designs for young women, her premium denim apparel brand for young women, Luscious, which was a start-up, was dubbed "Luscious." Since 1994, Ford's clientele has expanded upwards and beyond, yet she has remained firmly entrenched in the Montreal music and art scene. The top boutique-based brand for young women across Canada at the time was Luscious, an edgy, unreserved, and fun assortment. Her apparel business blossomed in stores in Denmark, England, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Japan, and the United States. Originally from Canada and having lived abroad as a youngster in India and Germany, she spread her reach much beyond the North American continent. Her ability to have her finger on the pulse resulted in the creation of modern, it-girl, attractive, expensive attire and award-winning books that were sold globally.


Rebecca Ford New Canaan Portfolio